Through my work I hope to express my self and my feelings about life. I use clay as a silent material to speak from the heart.


I graduated from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (currently Cardiff MET) in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics. On 1st March 2006 I set up his first business (‘Ave A Go Ceramics) which delivered high quality mobile ceramic and art based workshops to a wide range of  people, businesses and organisations all over South Wales. Over the last 4 years working out of my studio in Blackwood, in the county of Caerphilly under the business name Matthew Jones Ceramics. I have developed a selection of thrown table ware for food service and preparation in a range of glazes and finishes along side making more collectable gallery pieces that are highly influenced by British Studio Ceramics past and present as well as embracing the Oriental/Far Eastern Ceramic ideas, aesthetics and forms brought to the UK by the ceramic pioneers Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada which subtle hints can be seen between the foot, body and lip of each pot.

“Through my work I hope to express myself and my feelings about life, I use clay as a silent material to speak from the heart as my work is a reflection of my character. Strong in form, fluid and unfussy in style and decoration. The clay accurately records the stages of each pot and it's creation to tell the story of how it's made by retaining certain aspects of it's development. By leaving  throwing rings, fingerprints and uneven edges, I want people who handle the pots that I make to feel how the once soft plastic clay was manipulated to its current form which ultimately has been determined by its intended use”.