I graduated from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (Cardiff MET) in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics.
In 2006 I set up my first business ‘Ave A Go Ceramics, which offered high quality ceramic workshops to a wide range of individuals, businesses and organisations all over the South Wales area.
Over the last 4 years I've been working out of my studio in Blackwood, Caerphilly. As 'Matthew Jones Ceramics' I have developed a selection of thrown table wares, for food service and preparation; with my own distinctive glazes and finishes.”.

In parallel with the home wares I also strive to make more collectable gallery pieces influenced by our heritage of British studio pottery and other living potters. I also attempt to embrace the Oriental ceramic traditions that inspired those pottery pioneers like Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada .

“Through my craft, I hope to express myself and my feelings. I use clay as a silent material to speak from the heart.The work is a reflection of my character: Strong in form, fluid and unfussy in style and decoration. 
Clay accurately records the stages involved in making a pot. It tells the story of its own creation by retaining residual marks: signs of the hand that made it.
 By leaving throwing rings, fingerprints and uneven edges, I want people who handle my pots to sense how the once soft and plastic clay, has been manipulated into a form, determined by its intended use