We make tactile ceramic tableware that looks good and works well.

Matt Jones ceramics offer an alternative to the “mass produced mayhem” that you often see.

We give you timeless designs that won’t need replacing if you decide to update your kitchen.

People are initially drawn to the colour and shape of our pieces. When they go on to pick them up they discover further details the longer they hold them. The contrast between a matt and glossy glaze might make you want to explore the surface, or the form might make you hold a cup in a certain way.

We are considered in our approach to design because we love that the properties of our pieces can forge a connection between the maker and the person who is using it.

We are proud to be in the homes of our wonderful customers alongside sitting on the tables of restaurants such as Pasture and Brothers Steak & Seafood. and view our range of ceramics for your home here.