Unveiling Creativity: A Captivating Collaboration with Aura Ads

In the world of creative collaborations, serendipity often plays a remarkable role. Such was the case when I crossed paths with Milly, the Operations Manager at...

Sep 18 2023
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This House We Made: South Wales Commercial Photographer

Meeting a Talented Photographer: A Conversation with Aga Tomaszek In March 2023, I had the pleasure of welcoming Aga Tomaszek to my studio. Aga is a...

Jul 17 2023
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22 Unique Ways to Bring Texture into Your Apartment

Back in March 2023 I was kindly invited by Ryan from Redfin to contribute to a discussion on interesting ways to bring texture to your living...

Apr 10 2023
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First Quarter Round-Up

We hit the ground running right from the beginning this year. Here is a roundup of what the first quarter looked like for us at MJC....

Apr 22 2022
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Moon Jars

Moon Jars have held such significance over hundreds of years, from literally holding foods and wines stacked on shelves in pantries to decorative vessels filled with...

Feb 06 2022
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Happy New Year

We hope you all had a lovely rest, reset and relax over the holiday break. Our New Year ahead is starting off well and we are...

Jan 09 2022
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What's in a Workshop?

A question we get asked a lot here at MJC is; What should I expect from my Pottery Masterclass? Here is our answer. We currently host...

Dec 19 2021
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One Year - A Look Back

Here is a newsletter filled with some of our favourite images from our last year of trading. This week marks our one year anniversary of opening...

Dec 05 2021
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A Day At The Studio

This particular day we were fulfilling a commission order for Pasture, Independent restaurant that started in Bristol and have now opened up in Cardiff as well...

Nov 05 2021
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Simmie's Recipes: Slow Cooked Goat Curry

A Goat Curry Recipe that Even Your Cat will Love Happy February, girls and boys! It’s a bit like January, only not as long. It’s been...

Feb 28 2021
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Simmie's Recipes: Tarragon Chicken Kiev with Truffle Mayo and Caper Berries

Mental Health and Chicken for the Soul WELL… We’re back after a rather different Christmas and New Year. Matt, Rob and I are excited for what...

Jan 07 2021
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Simmie's Recipes: Smoked Mackerel with Salad

Smoked Mackerel There are a lot of good fish in the sea, but one hardly ever appeals to me as much as mackerel. The versatility never...

Nov 26 2020
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