Matt Jones ceramics is a studio and pottery workshop space based in South Wales.

Creating high quality ceramics and tableware, we believe handcrafted
products all have individual and unique differences which tell a story of how they are made.

Our focus at our studio is throwing – working with clay on the wheel alongside hand building. This traditional craft provides a strong contrast to the typical cookie cutter, mechanised, and technologically saturated ceramic marketplace. The hands-on practice of throwing helps to reignite creativity and we fully embrace how our approach to pottery is in line with the principle of Japanese craftsman Soetsu Yanagi from the 1920’s


“It is freedom that is the mother of all creativity. The great variety and variation found in miscellaneous things is an accurate reflection of this fact. Contrived artificiality does not produce such variety, but rather shackles it. The moment everything is left in the hands of nature is the astonishing moment when creativity begins. Contrived technique can not give rise to that feeling of freedom; neither can it give birth to such variation. This is not a meaningless cycle not mere duplication. Each piece is the beginning of a new world fresh and vivid.”


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