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Have you ever wanted to have a go on a pottery throwing wheel and make your very own ceramics? Look no further! Our Pottery Masterclasses are the perfect fun, creative way to experience a day in the life of a potter.

During a Pottery Masterclass, you will be guided every step of the way through each stage of the making process to help you create your own unique items.

We teach you all you need to know to make your very own fully functional tableware that is food safe and water tight. We start out with three lumps of clay and by the end of the Masterclass you’ll have designed, made and decorated three pieces that you will leave with us for firing.

Our kiln takes them up to 1260 degrees, we then glaze your work in a clear glaze to give it that finishing shine and your work will be ready and waiting for you to be picked up back where it all began at our workshop in Goodsheds!

The workshops are 2 hours long then turn around for getting your pots back to you is usually around 6 weeks. If you want more info, check out our blog post here where we walk you through what a workshop looks like.

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