A Day At The Studio

A Day At The Studio

This particular day we were fulfilling a commission order for Pasture, Independent restaurant that started in Bristol and have now opened up in Cardiff as well as Apothecary 64, Artisan Fragrance Brand based just up the road in Penarth another local Independent. Both brands are absolutely worth a check out, find them here; https://pasturerestaurant.com/ and https://www.apothecary64.com/

The pieces had been thrown the week before and were left loaded on the shelves to dry out, ready to be prepped for bisque firing.

99 (milk) bottles of clay on the wall

The kiln sat waiting for us to open it and see how the 3 days had treated the pieces we had put in the week before.

the OG

Unloading the kiln is one of the joys of pottery. The suspense because of the unknown is exciting and scary at the same time.

Workshops shelves

Workshop shelves 2.0

Bisque fired oil diffusers waiting in line to be glazed

Mixing up glazes with a combination of ingredients and water in such large quantities can be difficult. Mostly because sieving through it all can lead to spillages.

Mixing is messy work

What a waste

Once we mixed everything up, we started applying the glaze to the bisque ware. dipping and pouring is mesmerising.

Glazing an oil diffuser

All are numbered

Freshly glazed

To end the day, we packed the kiln back up carefully for a glaze firing, another three days of suspense. A good days work.