One Year - A Look Back

One Year - A Look Back

Here is a newsletter filled with some of our favourite images from our last year of trading. This week marks our one year anniversary of opening our beloved Toad down at The Goodsheds.

Where it all started. This was one of our first viewings of what would become our little studio/shop down in Barry. A renovated vintage train carriage. Still sat on the tracks hidden beneath.

Here Matt stands, one of the first days trading, back when there weren’t any windows. In the background you can see some pots drying on paper plates that customers had made in the back on the wheels.

Three Pillars of Strength Honey Glazed Moon Jar

A picture that captures one of Matts Moon Jars. A beautiful, honey coloured glaze with some umber brush work, photographed just outside The Toad. Can you tell it’s a favourite?

Johnny Jones Potter in Training

Jonny, Matt’s son pictured here throwing on the wheel. He loves clay and the wheel. We are hoping he takes after his Dad.


The wheel after a strong trimming session. Full of ribbons of excess clay carved away.

Pots on Pots

The shelves in the studio getting a warm glow from the sun.

Pottery Master(class).

A mini moon jar taking shape on the wheel in one of our pottery masterclasses.

Cardiff Life Magazine Feature.

Here is a snapshot of a real milestone. Being featured in Cardiff Life Magazine as part of a recipe article by Simmi Vedi an awesome chef who we have been lucky enough to work with multiple times.


Being nominated for a Cardiff Life award alone was great, becoming a finalist for best new business really was special, alongside so many amazing Welsh businesses.

Coffee and Clay.

Coffee and Clay. Our first hand building workshop hosted a larger group, it was lovely to have so many eager people enjoying building their own pieces, chatting and learning. All while sipping on coffee and eating sweet treats, the first of many more to come.

The Wheels.

I wanted to find a picture that encapsulated all of the pottery masterclasses that we have hosted. We have helped you throw, paint and sculpt so so many pieces. All went through our kilns and then found themselves back with their owners. Thanks to all of our awesome customers, we continue to grow and welcome the new year ahead.